Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MotoGP Comes to KL

This weekend the MotoGP was in KL! I've never been into this before, but when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to spend two days watching boys on motorcycles, anyone that knows me knows what my answer was. Heck YES! Haha. We took hundreds of pictures of pretty much the same thing.. but here are a few of my most favorites from the weekend: 

These are the MotoGP guys, the biggest bikes, during their qualifying.

Awesome view of the course.

Boys, doin' their thing. I looove that blue motocycle!

This girl was wearing Beats as her earplugs. Um, I know they're noise canceling, but I think you're doing it wrong.

At lease this fam got it right with their BABY. :|

As close as I got to the racers!

Watching the races at the end of the day.

Sport bikes at the Start line!

Rocky, showing off his new shirt with the Faito ladies.

Kenny :)

The Petronas bike that I accidentally matched on Sunday.

Some guy on our way out! Other people were taking pictures with him, so I had to get in on that.

The traffic was so bad on our way home. The normal 45 minute drive took us nearly 3 hours Sunday night. This is what the first couple hours in the car looked like before it was nap time for me. It was a party. 

Sunday at 4pm was the main event. The MotoGP guys were the last to race for the weekend. There was a horrible crash involving three bikes not even 10 minutes into the race. Marco Simoncelli, number 58, racing for Italy, died.  It was a heartbreaking moment in the day. We had been talking about him all weekend. His crazy hair and sweet last name made an impression on us instantly. All I could think about, though, was that at least this adorable 24 year died doing what he loved.

RIP Sic.