Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Texas Holiday

This is the first time I've ever had to "visit" the US, and even more specifically the fab state of Texas. I was home for about 3 weeks, and could not have asked for a better trip. Thank you to everyone who made it perfect. I was pretty bad about taking pictures, but here are a few lovely highlights.

First night home. So happy to be with the baby sisters!

Happy Birthday, my Joshua!

We bring Mad Gab to the bar. So what? :)

Finally with the bff.
New Years!

Grandparents :)
Little Jack and I gettin' it on MJ Wii dance game.

Oh Joshua. I already miss our shenanigans that don't make sense anywhere else. 

The best friends a girl could ask for.
Nothing says bff like matching mustache Toms.
Froyo with the baby sister after school.

Hah. Perfection.

Back in KL means back to missing all of these people! I'm so happy that I have new memories to hold onto and can't wait to make more. But for now, I'm still livin' it up in southeast Asia with some phenomenal people and new experiences!