Saturday, December 24, 2011


Last weekend I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia! I had such an amazing time. I had a fab guide that showed me around during the day, and then I was on my own to hang out and explore in the evening. My guide was also very comfortable with the camera, and got a ton of great pictures for me! Here's my weekend...

Day 1:

On the stairs at Ta Keo.

I thought this was the coolest picture! I had no idea that face was behind me like that until he showed me the picture. Too cute.
One of my favorite temples, Angkor Thom. I loved all the faces!

Day 2:
Psa Leu.. Khmer word for big market. :)
Floating Village..
Sweet girl excited to be in a picture.

I couldn't help myself buying from this girl! She was too cute and so smart.
 Day 3:
Sunrise at Angkor Wat. Beautiful! 
Me @ Angkor Wat.

Monks walking into the temple

At the Banteay Srei
The detail here was amazing.

Leave it to me to obsess over all the kids in this city! I wanted them all.

Fab sunset from my Tuk Tuk.. going to dinner my last night.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Kenny and I took a little bff weekend up to Penang last week. The trip wasn't exactly what we had planned, but it turned out to be a great adventure anyways!

Penang is known for the variety and deliciousness of its food. So, here are our food adventures!

I was going to take a picture of just the sign- but these guys posed, so I had to include them! Hah. This is  apparently one of the best fried noodles place in Penang. It was super busy, and definitely didn't disappoint.

Mee Goreng. So spicy- so delish.

Gurney Drive:
Wonton Mee

The best freaking Char Kway Teow. 

Rojak. This was the only thing I had all weekend that I didn't like. It's got a bunch of cut up fruit, with this like shrimp paste sauce nastiness on top. Then, sprinkled with peanuts? nothankyou.

Nasi Kandar on our way home from a super long bus ride. I got my fav, tandoori chicken and naan.

This makes my mouth water! Roasted duck, and some beyond tasty pork. Last meal before heading out!

Some touristy things:
Fort Cornwallis. Lots of history and stuff here. Meh.

So cool when it's coming. Not so cool when you're in it.

We got to hang out with these 2 fabulous ladies, Selda and Yasmine, during our trip.  

On Monday morning I took a photography class with a phenomenal photographer, David Hagerman. He taught me how to use my camera even more, and taught me some amazing things about photography. I can't wait to take some awesome pictures! Here are a couple I took that morning with him that I really liked..

And of course there's always the misc. stuff that sticks out to me on a trip...
Not the names I'm used to seeing. Still no "meAgan". 

I have a Texas radar! ;)

Monday, November 28, 2011


Once it turns December, pumpkins are pretty irrelevant to life.. so I'm squeezing this post in before the month turns! 

Jackson and I carved a pumpkin for Halloween and I had so much fun capturing it!

This is his "Malaysian pumpkins aren't normal" face.

Exhibit A:

The dirty work... 

 Finished product! I love it! It was all the boy's idea.. I just made it happen.

Oh, and I may or may not have let him throw a piece of the pumpkin off the 16th floor balcony. ;) What are big sisters for?!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marine Ball

This past weekend the Marines, posted here in KL, hosted their annual Birthday Ball. It was a ridiculously fun night. Happy 236th Birthday, USMC!

:) Look at them! So proud.

 Had to get my pictures with the boys throughout the night!
Here's two good ones.

I was loving the American pride that night, and the guys clearly had me smiling the whole time in their uniforms. 

The end of the night was probably my most favorite. They had Marines from another city working their post, so we ALL got to go out. We're always missing a couple of those boys at a time because of work, so it was extra special.