Saturday, December 24, 2011


Last weekend I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia! I had such an amazing time. I had a fab guide that showed me around during the day, and then I was on my own to hang out and explore in the evening. My guide was also very comfortable with the camera, and got a ton of great pictures for me! Here's my weekend...

Day 1:

On the stairs at Ta Keo.

I thought this was the coolest picture! I had no idea that face was behind me like that until he showed me the picture. Too cute.
One of my favorite temples, Angkor Thom. I loved all the faces!

Day 2:
Psa Leu.. Khmer word for big market. :)
Floating Village..
Sweet girl excited to be in a picture.

I couldn't help myself buying from this girl! She was too cute and so smart.
 Day 3:
Sunrise at Angkor Wat. Beautiful! 
Me @ Angkor Wat.

Monks walking into the temple

At the Banteay Srei
The detail here was amazing.

Leave it to me to obsess over all the kids in this city! I wanted them all.

Fab sunset from my Tuk Tuk.. going to dinner my last night.

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