Monday, October 22, 2012

Perfection in Pangkor

Pin and her family invited me to join them in paradise at the Pangkor Laut Resort this past weekend. Just a 3-4 hour drive from KL and then a little ferry to the island, it made for the perfect little weekend getaway. 
Adorable Water Villas
Pangkor Laut only takes up 30% of the island it's on. The other parts are all natural jungle. It made for a pretty spectacular view and some interesting encounters with wildlife. 
Villas in the Jungle
Pin and I after dinner
Emerald Bay 
We got to go on the Sunset Cruise our second night there. It was amazing!

My favorite part.
I loved the way this looked after the sun was long gone!
 Leave it up to Pin and I to catch the most beautiful morning by the pool before checkout!

It's not easy leaving paradise for another week back in real life. But back to work I go!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I spent my my most recent long weekend in Langkawi, Malaysia. Air Asia had a sweet deal about 4 months ago, and I'm so glad I impulsively bought tickets. Langkawi was peaceful, adorable, and so much fun for a little weekend getaway.
Where I stayed, on Cenang Beach
So cute and quiet little road where the guesthouse was.
I passed by this multiple times a day, and just loved it!
 Underwater World:
Wanted me to be his mommy, of course.
Chillin' in the Arctic

Island Hopping:
"Pregnant Lady Mountain" Can you see her??
Pretty ride.
Eagle Feeding
Cute little island stop.
He wanted to sit with me. But didn't want his picture taken.

Maybe 2 minutes after this picture was taken we were all running for shelter from the storm that came out of nowhere. There were hundreds of people on the beach all crowded under the tiniest shelter to get out of the rain and crazy strong winds. Island weather doesn't play.

Cable Car:

Beautiful surrounding area!

Going up. The weather was bad, so we didn't see much. 
Good Eats:

Steamboat Seafood with new friends

The most delicious smoked salmon sandwich at Red Tomato

Sunset to end the trip!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Batik Painting

At a perfect distance away from where we live, there is a Craft Complex. They sell Malaysian handi-crafts and there's a little museum inside. My favorite part is the little hut where you paint your own batik. Batik is a piece of cloth, with wax drawn designs, and then dyed with ink to make some super pretty colors. At the do-it-yourself hut they have cutesy little designs to choose from. Pin, Kevin, and I spent a little part of our Saturday afternoon out there.


With Pin and Kevin's 2nd pictures.
Me and my super fun batiks!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Merdeka Day

Katelyn and I woke up way too early on a day off and went down to Merdeka Square to celebrate Hari Merdeka! Here's our morning:

Sunrise over the American Embassy. <3 I get to see this every morning!
So many people and so many flags. 
The flag pole at Merdeka Square
Helicopters spraying things.
So much Malaysian flag love.
The parade.
So cute balloons on the bus.
Happy 55th Birthday to Malaysia!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Petronas Towers Observation Deck

I have finally been to the observation deck and Skybridge at the Petronas Towers. It was incredible! 
After getting our sweeet passes:

We took the elevator and walked out on the 86th floor. It went way beyond my expectations.

The weather was awful that night. It was overcast and kind of sprinkly, so the pictures out of the window don't do it much justice. But oh my goodness that tower was so bright and amazing! I loved seeing my city from 360m off of the ground!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Super GT

Back in June, Rocky and I went to see some crazy Japanese cars race. I feel like I've been out to the Sepang Circuit so many times, but every time something new and crazy is going on. This was two day fiesta. 
Day 1
They were all so pretty!
My favorite part of the whole inside car show. I so wish I had this Vespa.
 Day 2
Sunday was even more fun. The drivers had their real races, and we brought Jackson along!
The boys enjoying their super messy wings. :)
Watching a race!
A definite highlight of my day. 
Loving all the cars!
Japanese energy drinks. He was pretty excited about this. 
A couple of my favorite boys, posing with their drinks and the Drive car!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Sometimes, two countries just isn't enough to travel with someone. When Rocky and I realized we would both be home at the same time, we took advantage of it. I've been to Colorado once before, 10+ years ago, but hardly remember it. So I was excited to experience it as an adult this time around. 

We spent everyday in the car, driving to see something amazing.

Day 1:
Up on the same mountain, we went to Buffalo Bill's grave and learned all about his shenanigans. It was so fun learning about the Wild West!

Day 2:
Seven Falls

Hometown visit. Elizabeth, CO.
Day 3:
We took the light rail out to downtown Denver and had dinner and walked around the Mile High City!

Then, for the first time I saw a Major League Baseball game outside of Houston! I drank Coors Light and waved my Rockies rally towel. It was Colorado fabulous.
Day 4:
We drove out to the southwest part of the state to see Mesa Verde. I got to drive in the mountains, and it was so so pretty!

Scenic stop.
Sand Dunes
 Day 5:
I've never known much about Mesa Verde, so this tour was super interesting to me. I loved learning about the Pueblos and their mysterious past.
Cliff Palace

I remember learning about the Four Corners Monument when I was little and wanting to see it. Needless to say, I was way excited to finally see this!
Four Corners

Day 6:
We made the drive back up to the Denver area and stopped at Garden of the Gods on the way. The rocks here are so different than the others in the state. They were these beautiful tall red rocks that looked like they were all somehow defying gravity. I loved it!

Lots of playing around here!
The week flew by, but in a good way. I got to see so much and was so very happy to spend it in good company.