Monday, October 22, 2012

Perfection in Pangkor

Pin and her family invited me to join them in paradise at the Pangkor Laut Resort this past weekend. Just a 3-4 hour drive from KL and then a little ferry to the island, it made for the perfect little weekend getaway. 
Adorable Water Villas
Pangkor Laut only takes up 30% of the island it's on. The other parts are all natural jungle. It made for a pretty spectacular view and some interesting encounters with wildlife. 
Villas in the Jungle
Pin and I after dinner
Emerald Bay 
We got to go on the Sunset Cruise our second night there. It was amazing!

My favorite part.
I loved the way this looked after the sun was long gone!
 Leave it up to Pin and I to catch the most beautiful morning by the pool before checkout!

It's not easy leaving paradise for another week back in real life. But back to work I go!