Friday, April 27, 2012

Phuket 2.0

Iiit's definitely..

I made another fab-u-lous trip to Phuket, Thailand. Here's a peak into my happiness-

My perfect travel buddies!
On a boat with the Thai flag!
We took a day trip out to see James Bond Island.  Beautiful!
<3 This guy was promoting that bar we went to.
When someone pulls out an American flag in the middle of a foreign country, I CANNOT help but get so excited! 
Crazy food at the Phuket City Night Market.
Yummy pad thai!
If I'm not on a beach, I'm thinking about the last time I was, or the next time I will be. This is why: 

I'm always smiling when my toes are in the sand..
And it is just beyond beautiful!

Just recently, I've been buying and wearing bracelets from the cities I visit. And I love it! It's a constant reminder of some of the greatest moments i've ever had. 
Vietnam and Thailand, represent!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poet Paul

At the beginning of the month, ISKL had a fabulous visitor! Our librarian organized for Paul Cookson, a poet from the UK, to come for a week to work with our kiddos.

I was so proud to finally have him in our library posing with the bulletin board I made!

He is one of the few traveling children's performance poets. He performed and worked one on one with our students in their classrooms and special classes. Check out his website!

His enthusiasm for our students was incredible. His last words to our kids in an assembly was about doing what you love and giving it your all to see where it takes you. You all know that I not only agree, but live by that!

 By the end of the week, I'm lucky to say he is a new friend.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The most precious cat in the whole wide world has joined kitty heaven, and I just had to dedicate a little blog post to her. I've been thinking all week about things that I remember about her.. and here are some that I, along with friends and family, remember about our big, fat, fluffy, white cat, Betsy.

She would sleep with her head in paws and it was the cutest thing ever.

She used to share chocolate ice cream with Will and I when we were little. Ritters chocolate was a personal fav. She would stalk us while we ate it hoping to get the melted part at the end. 

She made the goofiest breathing smacking sound when she ate.

Wearing a black shirt out of the house? Pick up the cat on your way out for some goodbye love- aaand then you gotta change.

She would lick any part of your body and be so gentle and sweet, and out of no where scare the mess out of you cause she would bite said body part and look away like nothing happened.

She could ruin your bowl of cereal in a hot second! I'd walk away to get a drink, and come back to her licking the milk from the bowl. 

She was the only animal in the history of animals that could put Franky in his place.

She would kill birds with no mercy.

She never had to have a litter box!

She was super cuddly.

Bye my Betsy baby! Just like Will said.. you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten! You will always be remembered for your long and loving life. xoxox

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I spent my first Spring Break as a teacher in Vietnam! I got back last week and have been in a puppy love state since. SE Asia so has my heart. I backpacked most of the way with a good friend.. and here's my trip:

For ANYone that knows me, you know that I will pack for a whole family for a week just to go to Houston from Nacogdoches for a weekend. So, packing for one whole week in a BACKPACK was one my proudest moments!

That big red backpack was filled with all that mess around around as we made our way around the country.

First part of the trip, Ho Chi Minh City:

9 million people in this adorably colored city!
The streets of HCMC were filled with people working, eating, and living right there along the road. In little hole-the-wall places or just right on the sidewalk. It was so fun to walk through the city and get a little sneak peek of their lives. 

This guy was shining shoes and playing this card game along with a bunch of other rowdy men.  
I ate about 10 spring rolls during the week. Maybe that's an exaggeration... maybe it's not. ;) I loved them.
Beautiful displays of fruit, flowers, and handi-crafts were everywhere!
This alley doesn't look like much, but down at the end of it was the hostel we stayed in. The little road is big enough for a motorbike to fit through while people squeeze and hang out against the walls. 
We took a 1/2 day trip out the Cu Chi tunnels. So interesting to hear history from the other point of view.

 Quick flight, and we were in Hoi An:

The view of the hotel beach and the sea from my room. 
Precious little man made beach where we spent our days!
The town was just a taxi ride away from our hotel, and it was a different world.
We ate, drank, and photographed our way through this adorable town in the evenings.  I remember telling Lew, "This is the cutest place I've ever been in life."
So many noodle dishes! I ate noodles all week- this is a cute picture of the Hoi An dish, Cao Lau.

One last domestic flight, and we were in Hanoi:

We got in late, and I took a bus out to Halong Bay early the next morning-

I recommend this boat to anyone going out here! It was perfect. Only about 20 of us, very organized, and every second of it was relaxing.
View from my room in the morning!
One of my coolest moments to date.  Kayaking in the bay.

Me on the boat!
I have nothing cultural to post about Hanoi. Hah. I got back to the city and spent my last evening/night enjoying life with a friend from TEXAS and other fun people from the hostel. 

I hope to go back to Vietnam one day and see other cities I've heard about while I was there and maybe get more from Hanoi. If I don't ever get the chance though, that will be ok too. I had the best time and saw so much in that quick week!