Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The most precious cat in the whole wide world has joined kitty heaven, and I just had to dedicate a little blog post to her. I've been thinking all week about things that I remember about her.. and here are some that I, along with friends and family, remember about our big, fat, fluffy, white cat, Betsy.

She would sleep with her head in paws and it was the cutest thing ever.

She used to share chocolate ice cream with Will and I when we were little. Ritters chocolate was a personal fav. She would stalk us while we ate it hoping to get the melted part at the end. 

She made the goofiest breathing smacking sound when she ate.

Wearing a black shirt out of the house? Pick up the cat on your way out for some goodbye love- aaand then you gotta change.

She would lick any part of your body and be so gentle and sweet, and out of no where scare the mess out of you cause she would bite said body part and look away like nothing happened.

She could ruin your bowl of cereal in a hot second! I'd walk away to get a drink, and come back to her licking the milk from the bowl. 

She was the only animal in the history of animals that could put Franky in his place.

She would kill birds with no mercy.

She never had to have a litter box!

She was super cuddly.

Bye my Betsy baby! Just like Will said.. you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten! You will always be remembered for your long and loving life. xoxox


  1. So sweet Meagan! I love how you basically summed her up! Love this. Momma

  2. I miss my baby kitty! LOVED the post! You summed her up well.
    <3 Will

  3. bahahaha, i laughed out loud at every single one of these..

    my favorite is the licking then bite! haha. i'm miss the crap out of that baby :/