Saturday, July 21, 2012


Sometimes, two countries just isn't enough to travel with someone. When Rocky and I realized we would both be home at the same time, we took advantage of it. I've been to Colorado once before, 10+ years ago, but hardly remember it. So I was excited to experience it as an adult this time around. 

We spent everyday in the car, driving to see something amazing.

Day 1:
Up on the same mountain, we went to Buffalo Bill's grave and learned all about his shenanigans. It was so fun learning about the Wild West!

Day 2:
Seven Falls

Hometown visit. Elizabeth, CO.
Day 3:
We took the light rail out to downtown Denver and had dinner and walked around the Mile High City!

Then, for the first time I saw a Major League Baseball game outside of Houston! I drank Coors Light and waved my Rockies rally towel. It was Colorado fabulous.
Day 4:
We drove out to the southwest part of the state to see Mesa Verde. I got to drive in the mountains, and it was so so pretty!

Scenic stop.
Sand Dunes
 Day 5:
I've never known much about Mesa Verde, so this tour was super interesting to me. I loved learning about the Pueblos and their mysterious past.
Cliff Palace

I remember learning about the Four Corners Monument when I was little and wanting to see it. Needless to say, I was way excited to finally see this!
Four Corners

Day 6:
We made the drive back up to the Denver area and stopped at Garden of the Gods on the way. The rocks here are so different than the others in the state. They were these beautiful tall red rocks that looked like they were all somehow defying gravity. I loved it!

Lots of playing around here!
The week flew by, but in a good way. I got to see so much and was so very happy to spend it in good company. 


  1. That picture of you in front of the sand dunes is cool! it looks like youre standing in front of a fake back drop! haha

  2. I honestly stopped for like 10 seconds trying to figure out if the photo of you in front of the sand dunes is real or not. Spectacular! Next time you go there again, you tell me if the rock in the last photo is still in its place, or it killed someone lol.