Saturday, November 5, 2011


On Friday we celebrated Deepavali at work. Deepavali aka The Festival of Lights, is the Hindu's holiday celebrated similarly to our Christmas. It's a time for their traditions to come out. The official holiday was last Wednesday, but we went all out yesterday instead. ISKL encourages students and teachers to dress in traditional Indian clothing and they put together all kinds of activities throughout the day for students to learn about the culture and the holiday. Here's my Deepavali day in pictures:

I work for/with some of the sweetest ladies! Here is some of the gorgeous office staff! I borrowed Irma's adorable punjabi for the day. :)

I was trying to get one of my students to take a picture with me, but she was being all shy. Using the camera is all I got out of her. haha. You can see the punjabi better in this pic.

 And her picture of my Henna.. 
(which did NOT cost $20 like they do in the states, and it only took her like 2 minutes to do this)

Some of my sweet dressed up kiddos during the day!

Learning how to do dance!

The lady making these didn't know the English name for these things. So she just calls them rose cookies. They were pretty tasty!

Some of my dressed up 5th graders acting out the Magic Flute. The play is irrelevant to them dressing up obviously, but I thought they looked too cute!

Deepavali lunch in the Canteen. Yumm!

Happy Diwali!

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