Monday, April 1, 2013

Sri Lanka

Spring Breaks just get better and better. I started the weekend with BSB and then took myself to Sri Lanka for the week.

I can't lie, Sri Lanka has made me the most uneasy out of all the countries I've been to. I think it had a bit to do with being homesick. I went by myself, and that also adds to the lack of confidence to just go see.

But besides all that, I went and conquered a week at Unawatuna beach, like the pro that I am.

It was seriously so beautiful.

The beach was quite small, but that just added to the peacful-ness.
The water came up all he way to the chairs in the afternoon.

The highlight of my trip was seeing these little baby turtles make their way into the big ocean!
Just look at them flapping their way.

I was so in love! I took 50+ pictures of all the little babies. 

I spent 5 days on the Emerald Isle just enjoying the sun and a few good books. 
Now, back to work! ..for a couple more weeks at least. ;)

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