Friday, July 1, 2011

Next Chapter!

Even though I have moved multiple times in the past four years, nothing could have prepared me for this! The physical and emotional packing and unpacking that happened in the quick 5 weeks was enough to last a lifetime. Saying goodbye to EVERYONE was weird. I have met some incredible people in my lovely time at SFA, and all of that wrapped into one goodbye was really hard. I know thousands of people can agree with me right now when I say graduating college was the most bittersweet moment in my life so far. I was excited, relieved and so proud of myself. And then the biggest slap in the face: "What's next?!". So, I did what I've been hoping I'd get the chance to do since Christmas.. I moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Even though the goodbyes were hard and the stress caused so many sleepless nights.. I had this dream in my hands, and I knew the whole time that it was one hundred percent worth it. 

I will be living with my dad, Irma, and not-so-baby brother, Jackson. This move was only possible right now because of them. There is no way I would've been able to take this risk without their support throughout the process. The support and love from everyone during the move was so amazing. I couldn't wish for better and family and friends. The trip over went well, and the jet-lag didn't hit me too hard.

This first week has flown by. Lots of errands around the city and me becoming re-familiar with this city I love. It makes it so much easier that I've been here before. The essentials aren't new to me now. I learned how to get a taxi from the mall, and I know where I like to go in the city.. so basically I'm set. Soon enough, I will use these acquired skills. As of now, I've pretty much been tagging along with the family as I find a balance in this new chapter of my life. I wish Christine were here almost everyday. I always think how much more confident I'd be to just go if I had my bff to do it with! 

I haven't been taking that many pictures.. but here's a couple old and new:

 These are the Petronas Towers and the KLCC mall. This is walking distance from the apartment, so it's pretty fabulous.

 A view of the park that's outside of the mall. It's awesome to have this big city with beautiful pieces of green laid out in the middle.

 Jalan Petaling.. China Town! Super cheap purses, watches, shoes, and movies. All fake, of course. We went through the other day to check out a couple of flower shops nearby.

 This is an old pictures from a little stall place that isn't there anymore. This indian dish will forever be a fav of mine. We went a restaurant called Passage thru India and omg they have the best tandoori chicken and naan. The chicken is so soaked up in that epic sauce it had my fingertips orange for a few hours after. (because who uses utensils?!)

 Gorgeous sunset behind the towers from the apartment. 

Now topping the charts as the most beautiful thing I own.. Happy birthday and graduation to me!

Maybe I could've brushed my hair for this?! Who cares.. it's fabulous.
Thank you Daddy and Irma!

And here's an action shot of my main girl cause she'll make you smile. :)

This pretty much applies to anyone reading this: I love you and miss you! 


  1. Love the pictures! I wish I was there too, we would totally take over the city! Once you get out there a few times doing it by yourself won't be too bad. Just pretend like I'm right beside you when you WALK to the MALL! haha Beautiful necklace too!

  2. Oh wow! I had no idea you were about to take on this wonderful adventure. I can't wait to read more. It's like I'm living my life through yours, because I know I will never experience something so exciting. Will you be able to teach there? Have fun and enjoy every moment! Ms. Little

  3. i'm glad you did this! awesomeee.

    and i'm loving that picture of your main girl ;]