Thursday, July 28, 2011


This past weekend we went to Singapore! I was very excited to actually explore a city I have been to multiple times but only seen out of the windows of an airplane. It's only an hour flight away from KL, but it doesn't seem that close. The city is much different than that in Malaysia. The main group of people are Chinese. The city is not Muslim, which makes a significant difference in a lot of things. Like real pork bacon on the breakfast buffet and many girls in shorts. The important things in my life are clearly pretty shallow. 

Cute buildings and fountain on Clarke Quay.

A sidewalk. Haha. I thought this showed the western-y look of the city. 

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, where we stayed. Fabulous looking, but it was pretty crowded. Not really the relaxing weekend hotel we kind of expected. With over 2,500 rooms though, there's not really much else to expect. Very awesome to see!

This is the pool on the top floor of the hotel, in that boat. So many people! Sweet view.

We just went for 2 days, but I got see a lot. We saw the Lion King Saturday night. I had seen it once before, so I was pumped. We were first row, which made the whole experience even more spectacular. I am still thinking about that opening song, and will be for a while. 

 My dad, Jackson, and I spent Sunday in Sentosa, a very pretty resort-like area of the city. It was kind of like an amusement park.. it had lots of things to do! We ziplined and rode these little luge cart things.

Jax and I sweating in our fab luge helmets!

I had a Singapore Sling at the original Raffles Hotel! There's a cute story about how this drink was created. Look it up, cause I don't remember. :)

Monday was my interview with the principal of ISKL. He called it a meeting last month, and “interview” has been my own thing.. but omg I’m glad I prepared for it to be an interview. He brought out the questions. He literally quizzed me about Intern 1 and 2 terms and specific situations. After a walk around the campus and a job offer, I left thanking all of my SFA professors. He was impressed- and I only knew it all because the SFA education program is the greatest thing to ever happen. ;) So, I’ll be subbing in just a couple of weeks! For the first time in a while, I actually wish I was older. Malaysia law requires teachers to be 25?! It’s all good though, I’ll take what I can get! This meeting gave me a feeling of relief I didn’t realize I needed until that morning. I’m so happy that my impulsive move to Malaysia is playing out pretty close to how I imagined it.

I got a sweet letter from Ryan on Tuesday and it made me very homesick! I miss all of my favorite people being so close to me. I’m looking forward to school starting so that I can make some of my own friends again. Don’t think that means I’ll quit telling everyone in Texas to come see me. That won’t stop any time soon.

Some fabulous things:

I finally put the feather in my hair! 

 This is what everyone is getting for Christmas from me this year. 

I couldn't stop smiling after seeing this! Love it. It looks like a Churches sign! Wonder if it's the same company? Who knows.

I hope everyone is enjoying these last few weeks of summer! Miss and love you!

Come see me.

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  1. Ahh, I love your feather! so cute! Oh, and don't worry about getting me anything for Christmas. Your love is enough :]. Or you could bring me one of those drinks, it looks delish.