Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Day at Legian Beach

One of my favorite things in the world is to be on the beach. Legian Beach in Bali is definitely one my favorite beaches in the world. We spent two different days during our trip enjoying the sun, water, and people watching. Here are few pictures from the perfect first day:

The fabulous beach..

This coozy was the theme of the day!  

The fabulous guys that sold us lounge chairs and drinks. 

They brought this stuff out all excited to share with me. It's called Arak Madu. Arak is the vodka looking stuff in the bottle, and then they add honey and lime/lemon to it.. I guess that's the Madu? Hah, I don't know.

It wasn't the tastiest drink, but it was just too fun to pass up!


 The tide got so low, so quick.

View down the beach.

I'm not usually a coconut fan. But this fresh coconut is the best! I wish I could get it everywhere. A lady on the beach cracks open the coconut and snaps it into manageable pieces. It's fantastic.

I love this picture! I was walking down to the beach and snapped this quick pic of one of my new Balinese friends. 

As good as it could get on a cloudy evening. Beautiful none the less.

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