Monday, September 5, 2011

Fishing day in Bali

We came home last week from an amazing trip to Bali. We stayed for 6 days, and did so much that I thankfully have things to blog about for weeks. I'm gonna spread it out, cause I want to share so much!

We spent a day out with Ena Dive deep sea fishing. The beaches in Bali are out of this world. We went fishing off of Sanur Beach, and then spent the evening at a restaurant on the beach. Fabulous food and drinks, the best company, and fun music made for a very pleasant day. Here's what I saw:

The beach in the morning. I LOVE how the sun was shining on the water far away from us. So cool looking.

The offering that is placed on the boat. Some of them are so cute! They offer all these things to their god(s) for protection during the trip.

Beautifully clear water. Snorkel was great, except cut a little short because it was so cold!

The lunch on the boat. One sandwich was great, one not so much. Can you tell which is which? ;)

Jaxie and a fish he caught! It wasn't a good day for fishing. The boys only caught 3 little ones.

A beach.

"Would you like a cup of coffee?" Pleasant surprise on a fishing boat.

Waves in action.

People fishing on Sanur beach when we came in from our trip.

Delish satay on this cute little grill.

This beach restaurant was too fun! I love the "Arak Obama" cocktail. Haha. Remember the Arak- it'll come back in my next post!

Super low tide plus the sun setting makes me love this.

Cover band at the restaurant. 

I just like this picture. It was a hot mess of stuff, but I love the colors.

I hope you feel like you came with me! 

Job update-- I finally started working this weekend! It feels great to be back in the classroom. Getting up for something in the morning is a great feeling. The principal asked me come on as a permanent sub, so I'll have a job everyday! Which means I don't have to wait for the night-before or 5am call! :) I am beyond blessed.

I love you and miss you.


  1. Sounds like your having a great time!!!! Well done on the job front girl! hugs n kisses xx

    Cousin Christina

  2. Your photography is coming along nicely. Good job!

    - Juan