Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I just came back from one of the best long weekends ever. Phuket, Thailand showed me a great time and I've got to share some of it with you! Phuket is pronounced Poo-ket. Not whatever I'm sure you just said in your head right before you came to the conclusion that I'm too vulgar for the internets. 

These boys right here make some pretty fab travel buddies:
Josh, myself, and Kenny on a very pretty lookout cliff.

Thai food is easily my favorite. I think I ate enough to last me a while. I took pictures of some of the  dishes we had cause that's just how I roll:
 Pork! It's like magic when it's on every menu in a city.

 Super yummy pork noodle soup.

 Spring rolls with that perfect Thai chili sauce.


The beaches in Phuket are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. That blue water is captivating. 
Patong Beach. Our hotel was a quick walk from this fabulousness.

We took a speedboat tour our second day there to Phi Phi Island. We stopped at a few different beaches and each time the water and rocks made me want to stay there forever:
 On the way out to the islands.

 I'm speechless when I look at this! Gorgeous.

 Driving around..

 One of the stops on our speedboat tour. Our boat was the one cut off on the right. But these very fun canoe things were just so photogenic!

 Playing with the effects on the camera made for an awesome beach pic.

Want to see me being a tourist? 
Dinosaur snack.

 Sunset on Patong Beach.

Oh Kenny. Bloody Marys at Rock City. Never had one before.. Tasted like soup and I loved it.

Khatu Falls on a rainy day. Lots of steps and bugs in this rainforest-y thing. 

Of course my eyes are kinda closed! These Buddhist temples were SO neat. The architecture is pretty and everything was all glittery. You have to take your shoes off to go inside- I'm not being trashy. ;)

So windy! This is Peter!

Miscellaneous pics from the trip:
 Awesome cart lady.

 In the temple. They were putting those little gold flake things on these statues. Love the colors in that place! 

 A fab assortment of sarongs. 

Josh being our tour guide! 

 Tuk-tuks! This is a view of one, from ours. Really fun way to get around. We met a really fun tuk-tuk guy that drove us all around on two different days. Saw a couple of things we didn't even know about cause of him! 

 Thai beer. I actually had one!

Big Buddha. :) I wanted to see him in real life as soon as I saw him in the guide book. So cool. This thing is like 150ft  high, and was paid for totally by donations! 

 Incense on our way up to Big Buddha 

 Love these ribbon things. At the temples, these pieces of fabric are tied around trees and posts. I'm not sure if there's a purpose, but it gives even more color to the already fab scenery. 

Chimes at Big Buddha.

Besides all of that, we went out every night and Patong lived up to its party city reputation. I'll put many more pictures on Facebook.. so you'll have to check em out! 

Miss and love you!


  1. It is sooooo pretty! i'm glad you are having an great time, but I miss you in the office.

    Janet :)

  2. So I was telling Matt you went to Phuket and totally said it foo-ket as i was reading that you say it poo-ket haha. Those pictures of the water are fake im pretty sure i have one in the picture frame i just bought :]. just keeding... really really pretty! and the first thing i noticed of the picture of you on the stairs was that your shoes are off. gross :].

  3. Love the photos Meag! Gorgeous!
    Love you~ Momma

  4. I seem to recall a James Bond movie was filmed at Phi Phi that right? Love the pix, love that u got to see Phuket, and love that u had some new buds to go along. Was there much evidence of the tsunami devastation or have they rebuilt? Love u. Carol