Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Funday

When I was in college, Sundays were pretty much my least favorite day of the week. At the beginning, if I wasn't home, I would feel super homesick. If I was home, it was the day I made the trip back to school so the goodbyes were a bummer. After a semester or so of that, it became crazy homework day because I'm a procrastinator. And then it was lesson planning/quiz cramming/reflection writing day.
But now? I love my job, so there's no haunting "Monday is tomorrow :(" feeling. And I just feel at home here. Being blessed with some fab friends in this city just tops all that off to make Sundays awesome.

Even though we were missing some of my favorites, this past Sunday was perfect.

The ladies of the Latin American Embassies put on a Latin America festival. The area wasn't that big, so it was super crowded. And hot.

A bunch of countries were represented with these cute little booths. They were decorated with their flags and selling food & drinks to those of us pretending we were on a South American vacation.

Our first stop, Mexico and Brazil!
Caipirinha and tacos!
Chicken and cheese deliciousness.
This is my attempt to not be creepy. 
I wanted a picture of that cute spanish boy giving out napkins.

Made it to South America.. 
The cutest little plastic cup of wine with strawberries in it. 
Like a sangria. Loved.
Blurry, but watching a dance show in Cuba. 
My travel buddy!

After the festival, we headed over to the mall. I don't think I've shared my LOVE for the cinema experience over here. So here it goes: I pay 14 ringgit (less than $5) for my movie ticket, where I reserve a specific seat so even if I get in late, I'm not sitting in a crappy spot. Then I buy popcorn and a drink for maybe 7 ringgit if I go crazy, and get the big popcorn. They have magical popcorn here. It's a mix of normal salty with caramel popcorn and it's pretty much perfect. We saw Dark Shadows. It was weird. I liked it.

Ending the night at Overtime for dinner and drinks!

"Love the life you live. Live the life you love."
-Bob Marley


  1. ohh, i am glad to not be the only one who thought that boy with the napkins was cute. this was a perfect day!

  2. Okay, next time I'm in KL I'm going to a movie. Also, why is Latin American food in Asia so much fun to eat??