Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bus Station Shenanigans

After spending a few days in this fab paradise,
Perhentian Islands
I hung out in a tiny area of a town, Kuala Besut, as a few of us waited for our 8pm busses.
When we arrived at the bus station an 4pm there was nothing but this girl making some sugar cane juice:

Little did we know, she was just the start of the little market-style shenanigans that were about pop up in the parking lot.

I had the best time walking/talking around, taking pictures and of course buying all the tiny and tasty treats.
Chicken Machata
The face we all made at one point or another.  It tasted alright.
Some awesome looking grilled chicken.

 My favorite:
Battered and fried bananas, honey, and peanuts.
Making the honey ones. YUM!
I loved this stall because of all the colors.
I had some of the pink and yellow rice. It tasted like nothing.
Pressed rice with brown sugar inside. Super cute. Kinda tasteless too.
Super yummy chicken satay with peanut sauce 

After saying "I have no idea what this is", he totally ate the whole thing. We never found out what it was, and I almost gagged.
Ear-looking fried thing. Germans be crazy.

There were these men playing this checker game on the benches of the bus station. I was taking their picture, and they asked me to come sit with them. So of course, I did. They were so cute! The one playing on the left was the "champion" and the other guy was adorably determined to beat him. 

After all the little tastes of happiness, we said goodbye and made the 8 hour bus trip back to KL. Such a fun surprise to pass the time!


  1. All the food looks amazing! I'm not even hungry and I'm drooling.

  2. Ahhhh! Food porn! Mouthgasm! I love eating in the Thai bus and train stations, even though all of the stall are apparently riddled with e.coli and other terrible things.