Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy June

I posted about Perhentian, but here's a couple of other things that made me smile in June. :)

KLCC hosted a super fab music and lights festival along with the big oil & gas conferences going on. Every night during the week the fountains and lights were on. I went multiple times cause I loved it so much!
The towers all beautiful and lit up.
Precious little part of the movie thing they played on the walls of the mall.
Fantastic show!

I turned 23! And I celebrated my birthday with some of the most incredible ladies. We went to Nero Teca for dinner and then out to my most favorite bars. I smiled all night!
@ dinner

My last night out before I left for the summer was filled with a Train concert and Changkat with my favorites.
Ready for Train!
They put on an incredible show!
I officially fell in love when he sang "Marry Me"
with the crowd and without his microphone.
He makes me smile. Saying goodbye is dumb.

I traveled with Jackson and my dad to TEXAS! I'm home for the summer and that makes me so so happy. 
A little picframe of the forever-long trip over here.
All new things for me- mountains in Turkey, desert in Qatar,
Arabic soda cans, and a 16hr plane ride. 
BEAUTIFUL Texas sunsets always make me smile.
Frozen pickle juice shots with the only crazy that loves them with me!

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