Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Every Wine Tells a Story

A wine tour in South Africa.
If anyone ever told me before this that I'd do that in my life I would have laughed in their face. I always imagined posh people doing this kind of thing. In Cape Town though, they make it just for young travelers and it was perfect. At the first tasting, our guide said to drink lots of water, and assured us that a big lunch would be served to keep us upright all day.. and that's when it clicked. 
This isn't fancy. We're about to party!

We went with a group of people, and an amazing guide through 5 wineries in the Stellenbosch region. Here's our day:

Our first stop of the day was the Villiera Winery. This is where we learned all the tasting techniques that us newbies needed to know. 


I just loved this bottle because of all the awards it had stuck onto it. So fun.

The weather was beautiful and the landscape blew me away. I love it when the vineyards line both sides of a street like this..

My second favorite stop was the Fairview Winery and Cheese Farm. We got to pick which wines we wanted to taste at this one. Our fav was the "The Goatfather". Haha. And then we got to taste some yummy cheese that came straight from there!


I almost died when I saw this goat outside. (I have one in Farmville, not ashamed, and I just loved seeing him in real life) ;)

The 3rd stop was the Muratie. This is when we knew it was time for lunch cause all of our techniques had gone out the window! We were just drinking for fun at this point.

This was a porte and I didn't like it. But how cool is it that we got to drink it straight from the barrel!

Our last stop of the day was the Annandale Winery. This was my favorite! 


It had the cutest family history and the guy that took us through the wines just loved them, and it so showed. They keep their wines in the barrel for 8 years and it was pretty cool to taste something that they were so proud of!

The drive back to the city was an after party as you can see..IMG_3949

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