Monday, March 11, 2013


In November, over the Deepavali break, I headed to the Philippines!

This trip through me for some loops! But I enjoyed traveling to these cute little islands anyways.

I started off by flying into an airport that was NOT the same airport that my connecting flight was at. So I had to take a bus 2 hours to fix that. Thankfully, I had plenty of time. Then, my connecting flight to Boracay was delayed. Which made my boat ride to the island not possible that night. I had to stay in the little town of Kalibo instead.

I've never seen an airport so.. not airport-y.

Kalibo Airport

It was all open, with that little roof on top. The baggage carousel was almost pointless, as I watched the luggage carrier put my backpack down and then ride its way to me. The hotel that I booked had their airport shuttle man just calling out my name, and since I was the only white girl it was pretty easy for them to find me! It was like a movie and I loved it.

 I finally made it to Boracay and was rewarded with this..
White Beach, Boracay, Philippines
It was rainy and cloudy for most of the time I was there. That water was still so beautiful though!

Boracay, Philippines
A bit of sun! White Beach is lined with restaurants and shopping all along that walk way. It was perfect for wasting time when it rained.

Always some sunset pictures! Sunset


After a few days in Boracay, I made my way off the island and spent a night in Manila. The sun came out and it was a really pretty day traveling. Wish I had been laying on that beach!

Boracay, Philippines
Check out that beautiful blue sky.

Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines
I didn't do much in the city. I got sick overnight and felt totally horrible the next day. I found some good soup, and laid in bed. Then made the long trip back to KL.

Overall it was a pretty good trip! I loved that it was still southeast Asia, but it had it's own culture for sure. They LOVE NBA there. Everyone has stickers on their car, the locals wear and sell the jerseys, and it was on half of the channels on the tv in the hostel. It was nice to have that little taste of home. I enjoyed the little spanish flair that was hiding in places too! And the locals are so sweet. Everyone I met was so helpful and kind. And I learned not to fly Air Asia to the Philippines ever again.

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