Friday, March 15, 2013

Long Weekend in Perth

At the beginning of March, my dad and I took a long weekend and went to Perth, Australia. I never thought in my life I would get the chance to go there! It was an amazing weekend.

We arrived in the early evening on Friday, and just walked around the city to get our bearings. I fell in love instantly. The weather was gorgeous, the people are beautiful and the food was so yum. We found a little Chipotle-style burrito place that just made my day.

Saturday is when the real fun began.
We went on a wine tour through Swan Valley.

It was just perfect.

First stop.

Just right outside the tasting room. Everything was so pretty!

At our second stop, there were all these little oils to try with bread. Yum!

Lunch. Proper Australian food right here. This was a little sampler with kangaroo, emu, water buffalo, and crocodile. Those crab cake things were made with something like crawfish. Everything was pretty tasty, and to get to eat all that was so fun.

Somehow we got off track and ended up at a vodka distillery!
 Lemon, vanilla, and chili flavored. This girl had to say "nooo thank you."

Day 2:
We headed down to the Perth Zoo! Here are just a couple of the precious animals we saw:


Hiding Koala.

Tree Kangaroo. I didn't even know there was such a thing until then.

After the Zoo, we made our way down to Freemantle with a long beautiful boat ride.


There were hundreds of little sail boats out on the water. It looked like little races.

The view from a little old building we climbed around.

I just loved this little newspaper office.

We made our way back to the city and to the casino, and thought we were settling on dinner at a place that looked nice, but had hotdogs on the menu. :| We were not settling after all! Rockpool was an adorable place. It had a big open kitchen and was so fun. The food was amazing and we did not eat a hotdog!

Day 3:
My dad and I both love live music. Soundwave takes live music to the. next. level. The people that go are so hardcore, and I just am not.

But, I mean look how I fit in with the rockers with my Metallica shirt!

I almost got to see All Time Low a few years ago and the concert got rained out, so this was exciting!

Y'all. This crowd was so crazy. I didn't know existed until all of sudden we turned a corner and it was there. The mosh pit was the size of the whole crown at All Time Low.

It was such a fun day though. I couldn't believe I was there seeing it all!

We had such a fun weekend. I am so glad I got to spend it with my daddio!

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  1. Hello, Megan. I enjoyed your pictures very much, especially the sail boats!

    Thank you for sharing your travels with us. ;)