Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's 2013?!

As I type this, we are well into March.. and I'm still freaking out that it's 2013.
But I'm pretending that I was able to upload these things in a timely manner.

So much happened in 2012, and I was sad to see it go but also relieved and excited at the same time for the new year. Like I think a lot of us were. For the first time I remember getting a little nervous for the night. I started to think about what was going to happen in 2013 and it all just got so real.

I spent the evening with my favorite people in this city.

A perfect dinner at Nero Teca.


Havanas knows how to pump us up. 

I had the best night ringing in the new year with these guys. It helped take away all my nervousness for what is to come, which is really all I needed! 

Happy New Year!

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